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Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'm Running For President ... Sort Of

After watching the two national political party conventions, many of you may be thinking..."I could do that!" Thanks to a tip from a friend, I have discovered how easy it is to launch an internet campaign for the highest office in the land.

If you would like to see a Buy-American, green energy lovin' webgoddess in the White House, join me!

America Needs a Change

Here is a summary of my qualifications:

  • Attended colleges (technically, still attending one!)
  • Mother of three boys
  • Working knowledge of English
  • Have a website AND a blog

    Let's work together to CHANGE AMERICA. (Campaign motto: "What we change is less important than the fact that we changed.")

    Stephanie, Webmaster


    At 3:05 PM, Anonymous tom said...

    Would love to be featured in made in America. I'm not sure how though. Every thing on our website is 100% hand made in USA. thanks

    ps It sounds like you would make a great president ... :)

    At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Henry said...

    You have more qualifications than our current president. I say run in 2012 if we still have a country left.

    I have been buying American since 1992 (although I do have a British car). Can I be your trade secretary?


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