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Cutting & Sawing Tools [Back to Top]

All American Clothing

  • American Carbide (South Easton, MA): carbide end mills, burrs, and router bits, all made in the USA
  • Atlas Cutting Tools (Waterbury, CT): carbide, high speed steel and cobalt cutting tools made with domestic (USA) carbide.
  • Big Gator Tools (Louisburg, KS): high quality drill and tap guides, made from an alloyed steel that's heat treated for durability. Lifetime warranty.
  • Diamond Saw Works (Chaffee, NY): Sterling-brand saw blades, made in USA since 1890. Blades for band saws, reciprocating saws, jig saws, hack saws, and more.
  • Eagle America (Chardon, OH): makers of over 900 quality, American-made router bits. (Other products imported)
  • Kodiak Cutting Tools (Webster, NY): supplier of American-made end mills, taps, twist drills, threadmills, burs, carbide drills and reamers
  • LakeShore Carbide (Buffalo, NY): high performance carbide endmills, made with American carbide, unique geometries, and high quality coatings. Custom tooling also available.
  • Niagara Cutter (Amherst, NY): carbide and diamond-coated carbide cutting tools, all made in USA (in Pennsylvania)
  • RedLine Tools (Minneapolis, MN): machine tools (carbide endmills, drills, threadmills, and toolholders)
  • Severance Tool Ind. (Saginaw, MI): specialty high-speed steel and carbide cutting tools
  • SGS Tool Co. (Munroe Falls, OH): solid carbide rotary cutting tools. All products (burs, drills, endmills, and routers) are manufactured in Northeast Ohio. (In March 2016, SGS Tool was acquired by Japan-based Kyocera Corp. The press release notes that production will stay primarily at existing facilities in Ohio and Indiana.)
  • Viking Drill & Tool (St. Paul, MN): cutting tools designed, engineered and manufactured with union labor at their 74,000sq ft facility. In 2010, the company began participating in GreenPOWER, a program to train workers in green manufacturing practices.
  • Whiteside Machine Co. (Claremont, NC): manufacturing a complete line of solid carbide and carbide-tipped router bits for all your woodworking needs. Available from Woodworkers World

Steelwright.com CNC Machining

ISO 9000 Quality Management Standards

All American Clothing
American-Made Jeans

American-Made Loggerhead Tools

Hand Tools [Back to Top]

American-Made Wilde Tools

  • Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools , including ratchets, sockets, and wrenches, are almost all made in Sumter, South Carolina. Select the "Made in USA" box under the "Shop By" options.
  • Awl for All (Arlington Hts., IL): wooden-handled lock stitch sewing awl for repairing leather, canvas, vinyl and fabric items. Needles and thread store in tool handle. Made in USA since 1903. Triple strand waxed thread available in colors to match your project.
  • Bondhus (Monticello, MN): ball-point hex tools, available from NorthernTool.com
  • Channellock Inc. (Meadville, PA): over 120 different sizes and types of pliers and other hand tools, including their patented tongue-and-groove and slip-joint pliers. (You can also have your Channellock tools engraved with your name or company logo.)
  • Chapman Tools (Durham, CT): midget ratchets and adaptors for Allen, Bristol, Phillips, and TORX fasteners since 1936 to repair and service everything from firearms to appliances, computers to dental equipment.
  • Craftsman brand hand tools: what can I say? This Sears brand (also available at KMart) was long beloved for its lifetime warranty and "made in USA" credentials, but as tool manufacturing migrated out of the U.S., the Craftsman hand tools are now a mix of USA-made and imported. (Craftsman power tools are imported).

 US-made Brands at WorkingPerson.com

  • Eklind Tool Co. (Franklin Park, IL): hex tools, including folding, L-keys, and T-keys, all made in USA
  • Electrical Safety Products (Woburn, MA): 1000v dielectric double-insulated electrical tools and safety equipment. Insulated coatings on U.S.-made tools by Channellock, Eklind, and Wright Tool
  • Estwing (Rockford, IL): hammers, mallets, axes, and geological tools, with a patented shock-reduction grip, made in USA. Available from Home Depot or Ace Hardware
  • Grace USA (Williamsburg, MI): handmade tools for the gun industry, woodworking, industrial, military and mechanic trade, since 1941.
  • Hardcore Hammers (Shawnee, KS): carpenter's framing hammers with special features, including a head with magnetized nail slots and a recessed waffle surface to grip nails without leaving a mark on wood surfaces.
  • Kalama Precision Machine (Kalama, WA): makers of Hold and Fold™ Photo-Etch (PE) Tools for fine-scale metal modelers. Offering PE workstations, rolling sets, and cut-off kits, all made in USA.
  • Klein Tools (Lincolnshire, IL): manufacturing a wide variety of handtools at several facilities in Illinois. The company website has a nice summary of product lines made at their 9 U.S. facilities. (Some products imported from Mexico and elsewhere, so check origin). Available at Home Depot , Lowe's , and other hardware and home improvement stores
  • LoggerHead Tools (Chicago, IL): adjustable Bionic Wrench, covering a range of SAE/metric sizes. Manufactured by Penn United Technology, Inc. (Cabot, PA). Available from My All-American Store
  • Midwest Tool & Cutlery (Sturgis, MI): forged blade hand tools, including metal cutting snips and related edge hand tools
  • Moody Tools (Warwick, RI): manufacturers of precision miniature tools.
  • Park Tool (St. Paul, MN): bicycle repair tools, most made in USA (multi-tools imported), available from REI

American-made Electrician Tools

  • S-K Handtool (McCook, IL): socket and drive tools and wrenches, made in USA.
  • Snap-on Tools: a business division of Snap-on Inc., Snap-on Tools Group manufactures tools for motor vehicle service and repair at 4 facilities in the U.S. (Elkmont, AL; Algona, IA; Elizabethton, TN; and Milwaukee, WI). Known for their franchised dealer vans, Snap-on tools are now also available online. Many, but not all, tools imprinted with the Snap-on name are made in US, other tool brands (including Blue Point) are imported. County of origin is provided for each product on the Snap-On website, so check before you purchase.
  • Snyder Manufacturing (Salamanca, NY): ratchet and non-ratchet screwdrivers (also pellet stoves!)
  • Stanley-Proto (New Britain, CT): a division of Stanley, making heavy-duty industrial hand tools used in the manufacture of autos, aircraft, transportation/fleet maintenance. Most Proto tools are made in USA ("Some days a good wrench is the only friend a man's got.") Available from Grainger and MSC
  • Stiletto Tool Co. (Winton, CA): titanium and steel hammers
  • Vaughan Mfg. (Hebron, IL): hammers and prybars made in USA since 1869 and still made with American-made steel. Available from Northern Tool + Equipment
  • Wilde Tool (Hiawatha, KS): full range of hand tools, including pliers, screwdrivers, scrapers, wrenches and specialty tools, full polished with red grips
  • Wright Tool (Barberton, OH): wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, and hammers, made in USA with U.S. steel
  • Xuron Corp. (Saco, ME): industrial and consumer handtools, including shears, pliers and forming tools. Hobby, craft and floral tools available from FDJ On Time

Hand Tools and More
My All-American Store

Sharpening Solutions from

Norton Pike
Norton Pike

EmpireCovers 15% Off Truck Covers

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Requirements

Hardware [Back to Top]

  • Taskhorse Brackets (Waterville, WA): sawhorse brackets made from heavy gauge steel with powder-coated finish
  • Viking Plastics (Corry, PA): in addition to making OEM parts for the auto industry, this company manufactures plastic and nylon fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws, washers). Available direct to consumers at CP Plastics

Knives and Outdoor Tools [Back to Top]

Council Tool, American-Made

  • Arc Flashlight (Phoenix, AZ): LED pocket flashlights that run on a single AAA battery. Small and easy to carry, but bright. Made in USA by Mega Tech Devices
  • Bark River Knives (Escanaba, MI): this family-owned business crafts knives and other cutting tools, with an amazing selection of blade styles and handles.
  • Bear & Son Cutlery (Jacksonville, AL): American-made hunting knives, camp axes and saws, pocket knives, and multi-tools
  • Benchmade (Oregon City, OR): manufacturer of folding and fixed blade knives for camping/outdoor use, as well as self defense and public safety applications. Several product classes (Red Class, HK, and NRA Outdoors) include imported product.

Benchmade Knives from WorkingPerson.com

  • Best Made Co. (New York, NY): Hudson Bay axes and longer-handled American Felling axes, both with heads forged by Council Tool of 5160 high carbon U.S. steel, and handles (painted or plain) made from Appalachian hickory. (The site also has an eclectic mix of books, maps, knives and other supplies--mostly European imports--for camp and travel.)
  • Buck Knives (Post Falls, ID): family-owned manufacturer of knives, including folding and pocket knives, for hunting, fishing and general use. All knives made in USA are noted with an American flag icon. (Check out the plant tour)
  • W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery (Bradford, PA): manufacturers of premium hand-crafted pocket knives, hunting, and fixed-blade knives since 1889. Available from XX Cutlery
  • Council Tool (Lake Waccamaw, NC): American-made striking, digging, and firefighting tools, including axes, mauls, mattocks and sledge hammers
  • DMT (Marlborough, MA): Diamond Machining Technology makes diamond sharpeners for kitchen, garden, and workshop tools. Diamond crystals bonded to a metal plate, will not break or chip. Available from My All-American Store
  • Emerson Knives (Torrance, CA): tactical knives handcrafted in California from steel made in Chicago..."deployed with the most elite military and law enforcement organizations in the world..."
  • Estwing (Rockford, IL): camping axes, wood-splitters and geological tools. Available from Home Depot
  • Kershaw Knives (Tualatin, OR): utility knives made in their Oregon facility--look for "Made in USA" in product descriptions. (Other product categories mostly made in Japan and China.)
  • Ladder's Little Helper: an anti-slip ladder guide that fits over gutters and prevents side-to-side movement of your ladder while you are on it! Sounds like a great safety idea. Designed in Australia, but made in USA (Kansas City) with U.S. raw materials.
  • Leatherman (Portland, OR): knives, pruners, and multi-tools, made in USA from US and imported parts. Available from Cabela's , The Cutlery Shoppe , and LL Bean
  • LogRite Tools (Vernon, CT): aluminum-handled logging tools for use at sawmills, woodlots and construction sites. Tools include cant hooks, log peaveys, timber carriers, and hand saws, all made in USA.
  • MagLite (Ontario, CA): my favorite example of a product that integrates beautiful design and performance--the red MagLite flashlight. "Every Mag Instrument flashlight, no matter where in the world it ends up, comes from a factory located in the U.S.A. and staffed by American workers." Read more about the company's commitment to U.S. workers .
  • R. Murphy Knife Co. (Ayer, MA): hunting, fishing, and sport knives, plus knives for flooring, roofing, scrapers, and shop tools. An edge for almost any use!
  • Ontario Knife Co. (Franklinville, NY): sporting/outdoor and survival knives and edged tools, available from Brigade Quartermasters
  • Pro Tool Industries (Pottstown, PA): utility knives and saws, plus Woodman's Pal land clearing tool--"Designed by Americans, made of American materials and crafted with 23 meticulous hand operations by Pennsylvania workers."
  • Randall Made Knives (Orlando, FL): hand-crafted knives for outdoor, hunting, saltwater, survival and military applications
(For additional outdoor gear listings, see Sporting Goods)

Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Wilson Bohannan Padlocks
USA-made Brass Padlocks

American-made Fire Escape Ladders

Measuring & QC Tools [Back to Top]

  • Bodelin Technologies (Lake Oswego, OR): makers of the ProScope HR hand-held digital microscope for science education, law enforcement, and manufacturing quality control. Made in Oregon.
  • Crick Tool (Ben Wheeler, TX): standard and door buck levels, precision crafted in USA
  • Deltronic (Santa Ana, CA): optical comparators made in USA
  • Fisher Machine (Hawthorne, CA): edge finders, v-blocks and clamps, sine bars, and thread measuring wires. All made in USA.
  • Johnson Level & Tool Mfg. Co. (Mequon, WI): laser and "bubble" levels, framing squares, and other leveling, marking and layout tools. Made in Wisconsin since 1947.
  • L.S. Starrett Co. (Athol, MA): precision tools, including micrometers, calipers, levels, dial indicators, and gage blocks. Many still made in USA at facilities in MA, OH, MN, and NC. Some products made overseas, so check origin.
  • MagEyes (Kerrville, TX): optical quality magnifying lenses with a headband for hands-free close work. Manufactured and assembled completely in the US.

ProScope Made in USA

Painting Tools [Back to Top]

  • CAN-GUN 1 (Ashland, OR): spray can handles that attach to any standard aerosol can (spray paints, lubricants, adhesives, window cleaners etc.) for ergonomic spraying with better control. Made in USA from recycled plastic.
  • Ladder's Little Helper: an anti-slip ladder guide that fits over gutters and prevents side-to-side movement of your ladder while you are on it! Sounds like a great safety idea. Designed in Australia, but made in USA (Kansas City) with U.S. raw materials.
  • Little Giant Ladders (Springville, UT): adjustable A-frame ladders made from aluminum that are strong and light. All articulating ladders include 5 configurations: A-Frame, Staircase, 90 Degree ladder, Extension, and Scaffolding. Models made in USA (with foreign and domestic parts) include: Classic Ladder, Revolution, Super Duty, and Skyscraper. Other models made in China. Check the "specs" tab for the model you are interested in to see country of origin.
  • Purdy (Portland, OR): handcrafted paintbrushes in a variety of bristle types, lengths and widths. I love the feel of the wood handles. These fantastic brushes are still made in Portland, although the Purdy brand was purchased by Sherwin-Williams in 2004.
Type 1A Classic - Model 13

Power Equipment [Back to Top]

  • Briggs & Stratton (Wauwatosa, WI): manufacturers of small gasoline engines, based in Wisconsin and with additional facilities in AL, FL, KY, MO, and GA. Briggs & Stratton engines power many welders, pressure washers, and generators
  • Cyclo Toolmakers (Longmont, CO): polishers with dual orbiting heads for balanced, smooth polishing of bare metal or painted surfaces. Ideal for automotive, marine or RV finishes.
  • Lake Buchanan Industries (Buchanan Dam, TX): manufacturer of BarrelBlaster blast cabinets and pressure pot blasters, that work with a variety of abrasives including glass beads and walnut shells
  • Mi-T-M Corp. (Peosta, IA): pressure washers, generators, air compressors, and wet/dry vacs, manufactured in Iowa since 1971
  • Rizk National Industries (Warren, MI): American-made battery chargers, booster cables, and transformers

Power Tool Accessories [Back to Top]

  • Montana Brand Tools (Ronan, MT): drill and drive sets, including titanium drill bits, magnetic screw guides and bit holders, and innovative tools like the Drill & Driver tool that allows drill and drive or countersink of screws without chucking new tools
  • Power Shelf (Plymouth, OH): an outlet cover complete with a small shelf that keeps hand-held electronics out of harms way during charging, and charger cords out of sight. Made from recycled steel in USA.


Tool Organizers & Workbenches [Back to Top]

  • Addendia: creator of Hi & Dri Storage Pallets, modular pallets for home and business use. Stack and store inventory, personal belongings, and bulk supplies safely off the floor. Made from polypropylene plastic by Customatic Inc. (Worcester, MA). Available from The Container Store.
  • American Workbench (Charleston, SC): hand-built wood workbenches with maple butcher block tops, custom height, recessed shelves so that you can pull up a stool, and your choice of stains. Awesome.
  • Gerstner & Sons (Dayton, OH): although this family-owned company now has an "International Line", they still make beautiful wooden tool chests in the USA. Shop from their "Made in USA" pages.
  • Occidental Leather (Sonoma County, CA): tool holders and tool belts, made in USA from American leathers, fabrics, and hardware. Available from My All-American Store
  • PDY Systems (Newport, TN): makers of Lift-N-Lok toolboxes with compartmented storage drawers, a storage bin for larger items, and a locking handle.
  • Wall Control (Tucker, GA): manufacturer of wall organizers systems, made in USA from 20-gauge steel with baked-on powder coat finish in a variety of colors. Similar in appearance to peg board, but stronger, and can be customized with hooks, brackets, shelves and bins. EZ Wall Organizers available from Stacks and Stacks (Keyword "tool organizer USA")
Lift-N-Lok Toolboxes

Welding Tools [Back to Top]

  • Accu-Strike (Ord, NE): chin-operated welding helmet for hands-free welding or grinding. What a great idea.
  • Hobart Welders (Troy, OH): all Hobart MIG and stick welders are made in Ohio. (Hobart is owned by Illinois Tool Works). Available from NorthernTool.com
  • Miller Electric (Appleton, WI): all Miller welders are still made in Wisconsin. (Miller Electric is owned by Illinois Tool Works.) Available from MSC

Shop by Brand, Look for "U.S.A." NorthernTool Home Page

Woodworking Tools [Back to Top]

  • Barr Specialty Tools (McCall, ID): hand-forged woodworking tools, including chisels, knives, gouges, and mallets. These are beautiful, and worthy of including on my Handcraft Artisans page, but I think more folks will see them here.
  • BenchCrafted (Cedar Rapids, IA):manufacturer of woodworking vises and MAGIC BLOK magnetic tool holders for kitchen or workroom.
  • Blue Spruce Toolworks (Oregon City, OR): beautiful woodworking hand tools, including marking knives, scratch awls, chisels and mallets.
  • Bridge City Tool Works (Portland, OR): high-end woodworking hand tools, combining solid brass and rosewood for beauty and performance
  • Chappell Universal Square and Rule (Brownfield, ME): framing squares and other layout tools for today's carpenter, made to last in USA from American-made stainless steel
  • Chattahoochee Pencil Co. (Atlanta, GA): unique drawing and marking tools made from a graphite composite, make thick and thin lines, and don't need sharpening. Tools mark on most building and household materials.
  • Forrest Mfg. (Clifton, NJ): Forrest Saw Blades for table saws, radial arm saws and chop/miter saws, all made in USA.
  • INCRA Precision Tools (Dallas, TX): all INCRA woodworking tools are designed and manufactured in USA. Available from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
  • Lie-Nielsen Toolworks (Warren, ME): quality woodworking tools, including block planes, bench planes, and chisels. Also carrying Starrett measuring tools made in USA.
  • LumberJack Tools (Colorado Springs, CO): specialty cutting tools for timber framing or log furniture making, including tenon cutters, chamfer tools, and counter sink tools. All made in the USA from 6061 aluminum or steel.
  • Master Gage (Thousand Oaks, CA): precision tooling for aligning, calibrating and setting up woodworking machinery.
  • Noden Furniture Design (Trenton, NJ): Adjust-A-Bench allows easy changes to work surface height, to suit the woodworker and the work. Designed and manufactured in USA.
  • U.J. Ramelson Co. (Newark, NJ): woodworking and scribing tools of high carbon tool steel with wooden handles
  • Shopsmith, Inc. (Dayton, OH): Mark V and Mark 7 woodworking machines that deliver multiple tool functions (including lathe, table saw, disc sander, boring and routing) for the home woodworking shop.
  • Williams & Hussey Machine Co. (Milford, NH): manufacturing molder/planars and profile knives for woodworking professionals since the 1950's
  • Woodmaster Tools (Kansas City, MO): since 1929, this company has been manufacturing versatile machines that are molder, planer, sander and saw in one.
  • Woodpeckers Inc. (North Royalton, OH): Woodpecker woodworking tools are designed and manufactured in U.S. (Most other brands on the site are also made in USA.)

Personalized Workshop Sign
Personalized Workshop Storefront Sign

INCRA Woodworking Tools
Incra Universal Precision Positioning Jig
Incra Universal Precision Positioning Jig
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